Keep On Dancing

There is a Maasai tribal village in the African Savanna that has the incredible ability to bring on rain every time it does its rain dance.
The dance these villagers perform is virtually indistinguishable from the dance performed in the surrounding Maasai villages. They use the same rhythms, the same chants, and even the same movements.

But the results that come from the choreography of these villagers is vastly different from the surrounding villagers in that it actually rains! What’s the difference in the dancing? Nothing. The difference is that where other villagers may dance for one day, two days, even up to nine days in their rituals, this tribal village dances until it rains!

This is an outstanding concept that can be used in our business as well. Many times we are willing to put forth a burning effort to drum up new business if our need is great or if we have a new product, but soon after, we stop.

We need to have a burning desire to have success in our business at all times and be willing to promote and perform to obtain that success until it rains.

Success is possible even when others say it isn’t. Just imagine what would have happened if Christopher Columbus would have stopped “dancing” when he believed that he could said due west to reach the Far East; the Wright Brothers would have stopped “dancing” when they believed that they could fill a sky with heavier-than-air flying machines; or Nelson Mandela would have stopped believing that there would be a multi-racial, democratic South Africa. So keep pushing forward despite the opposition.

What is “the dance?” It’s whatever makes you move in your business. Whatever makes you jump up and tap a rhythm, sing a chant, and move. It’s SEO, press releases, talking to people face-to-face, networking, and all the avenues you can take to keep your business breathing. Don’t let it loose life. Don’t get stagnate. Don’t settle. Work your business today like it was the first day you started it.

There are so many things you can do that don’t have to cost you a dime. It may seem like they are not producing at the moment, but keep working it, keep moving.

  • Create a website – you must have a website to be a business.
  • Start blogging.
  • Link a Facebook and Twitter page to your blog.
  • Create a Facebook business page.
  • Create a Google+ business page.
  • Create a LinkedIn profile and keep it updated.
  • Start an email newsletter.
  • Review the Meetups calendar and join relevant groups.
  • Register your business with Foursquare.
  • Write an e-book.
  • Start a podcast.
  • SEO your website.
  • Customize your own YouTube channel.
  • List your service on Craigslist.
  • Invite someone to lunch. Never eat alone.
  • Review a local business on Google+.
  • Update your info on Google Places.
  • Get Google Alerts about relevant things in your field.
  • Create unique business cards.

These are just a few things you can do to get started on dancing, but there are so many more!
Whatever you do, just dance!



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